Friday, 12 October 2012

Bad five Paragraphs Essays

Bad five paragraphs essays can be found online. That is why students should be very careful when seeking help from the internet. Mostly these bad five paragraphs essays are substandard in terms of academic quality. Bad five paragraphs essays fail to adhere to all the necessary rules about essay writing. Bad five paragraphs essays are found in essays that are not credible enough to offer helpful advice to students.
Five paragraph essays for kids are some of the most popular online. This is mostly because children are the most likely to write five paragraph essay. The five paragraph essays for kids enable them to learn the rules of academic writing early enough. With time and a lot of practice they will move from writing five paragraph essays for kids to comprehensive thesis papers. The five paragraph essays for kids can still help someone at a higher level of education to learn something.
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One therefore needs to be very careful when looking for reference material to help you with your academic writing. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you referred to a badly done five paragraph essay. So how will you identify an essay that is not of high academic standards?
  • There are some basic things like the outline used to write the paper. Every five paragraph essay must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. If the essay starts without an introduction or ends without a conclusion, then there is a red flag already. The outline should also flow in that order. For example, you cannot have the body coming before the introduction.
  • Check out the kind of language used to write the paper. Grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes are unforgivable in academic writing. If the paper you are referring to has any of these, then you can be sure that it does not meet the expected academic standards.
  • The paper also has to be well balanced. For example, the writer should not start with a very long introduction and have a very brief body. Alternatively, the conclusion cannot be longer than the body. The body is the main part of the essay and as such, most of the weight should be found here.
  • Check out the topic for the essay. A good topic for this kind of essay as to be very precise and with a narrow scope. Having a very broad topic will mean that the writer fails to cover every aspect of the subject sufficiently within the body. This will make the five paragraph paper bad.

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