Friday, 12 October 2012

Five Paragraph Essays for Middle School

Five paragraph essays for middle school are usually easy to write. The five paragraph essays for middle school are mostly drawn from very easy subject matters. Anyway most of the time five paragraph essays for middle school are written for purposes of improving the academic writing skills. In such cases there is therefore no need for writing five paragraph essays for middle school from very complex topics.
Learning how to write five paragraphs essays is normally prescribed at an early age. Once a student knows how to write five paragraphs essays, it means that they have mastered the art of academic writing. When learning how to write five paragraphs essays you will realize that there are basic rules that cut across every king of essay writing. There are many books and online sources that can help you learn how to write five paragraphs essays.
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Remember that especially in middle school, the whole idea behind this kind of essay writing is to teach the students about composition writing. Therefore, the types of topics and subject matters used are not necessarily too complex. So what kind of subjects do middle school students use when writing five paragraph essays?
  • A student can write a composition about themselves. This is where they are told to describe who they are in a given number of words. This is a good approach because when writing a five paragraph essay you are limited by space and so you cannot try to delve into a topic that requires a lot of lengthy discussions and analysis.
  • A student can also write about a certain concept. For example they can be told to define a certain theory. You will realize that when you talk about a theory you can write a whole booklet or summarize it into fewer words. Therefore, the five paragraph essay writing process will help the student to learn how to be exercise precision and being concise.
  • The student can also be told to write a descriptive essay about a certain phenomenon. The tricky bit here will be to try and not be wordy. Especially in descriptive writing, most students tend to be very wordy.
These are just a few of the common examples that you will come across out there. However as mentioned earlier, the secret is to pick a topic and then narrow down your scope as much as possible so that you are only dealing with specifics. Once you do this and avoid wordiness, you are sure to come up with a good five paragraph essay.

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