Friday, 12 October 2012

Five Paragraph Essays on Abortion

Five paragraph essays on abortion have become a common online example. The five paragraph essays on abortion can be accessed to be used as examples for learners. Five paragraph essays on abortion normally follow the same rules of academic writing just like other essay papers. Five paragraph essays on abortion are normally mostly expository and not argumentative as you would expect on the subject of abortion.
Five paragraph essays outline is very straightforward and direct. Once you have learnt the basics about five paragraph essays outline the writing process becomes a piece of cake. The five paragraph essays outline is normally the same regardless of the subject matter of discussion. The five paragraph essays outline can be easily learnt by looking at examples online.
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There are key parts that you will find in any five paragraph essay regardless of the subject matter their topic is covering:
  • The introductory paragraph
This is the first paragraph of the essay. It gives the reader a gist of what to expect in subsequent paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should be written in a manner that grasps the attention of the reader. Since this is the first part the reader will peruse through to find out whether to go on with the rest of the essay, it cannot afford to be boring. However, do not get carried away and start pre-empting points that you will still discuss in subsequent paragraphs.
  • The body
For five paragraph essays, the body is normally made up of three paragraphs. Therefore you should keep this in mind as you are researching for your pints. Write down all the points you want articulated in your paper as you are carrying out the research. After you are done, start merging the points leaving out the less minor points and crossing out the repeated ones. Finally come up with the three main ideas that are relevant to the topic of discussion. Your first paragraph should have your strongest point of discussion.
  • The conclusion
This final part of the essay prompts the reader that you are coming to an end. Mostly it is just a summary of the points discussed in the body. You can also conclude by giving your thoughts on the subject matter. However, new ideas should not be introduced at this point.
Keeping these basic rules in mind about writing the five paragraph essay will help you come up with a very good essay paper. Neglecting even one of these key parts will make your paper to be of less academic quality.

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