Sunday, 14 October 2012

Topics for Five Paragraphs Essays

The topics for five paragraphs essays are normally simple ones. Most people when choosing topics for five paragraphs essays do not pick from subjects that require a lot of analysis and explanations. The topics for five paragraphs essays are mostly about things that require stating of facts as opposed to rigorous arguments. The topics for five paragraphs essays have to have a very narrow scope so that the subject matter can be covered effectively.
Bad five paragraphs essays can be easily identified. Unfortunately at some point you may come across bad five paragraphs essays on the internet. These are mostly done by under qualified people purporting to be professional academic writers. There are a few things that you need to look out for to identify such bad five paragraphs essays. Bad five paragraphs essays will lack:
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·         A good topic. This is a topic that is suited for a five paragraph essay. So in this case, the writer will try to force a very wide subject into a small essay. This normally happens when the writer chooses a topic that is too wide to be covered in this kind of essay.
·         It will lack a flow in terms of the ideas being discussed. The body will not use the appropriate language to show the transition from one point to the next. Sometimes more than one subject will be discussed within the same paragraph, this is wrong.
·         A bad essay will also not adhere to the rules about having a basic outline. A five paragraph essay should have an introduction, then a three paragraph body and finally a conclusion. The outline has to be in that order. Distortion of this will mean that you have a bad essay. Without a good outline, the essay losses its quality of being easily comprehensible.
So how do you identify the best topics for your five paragraph essay?
  • Take a wide topic and narrow down to one aspect of it. Only handle this matter and cover the major points about it sufficiently.
  • Avoid being too wordy in framing your topic. You will notice that less wordy topics are normally more focused unto the point.
  • Research widely. While carrying out research you will be able to realize the most important aspects of the matter you are discussing. This will help you to shed of the extra ideas that tend to make your topic sound too general and even ambiguous.

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