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Sample Five Paragraphs Essays

Sample five paragraphs essays are very informative in teaching people the basic rules of academic writing. The sample five paragraphs essays will show you the best outline to use in your essay. You can also get great ideas on the topics to use for your essay from the sample five paragraphs essays. Although they are short essays, the basic rules applied in sample five paragraphs essays can also be used for writing every other kind of academic essay.
Topics for five paragraphs essays can be adopted by students to be used for writing other kinds of essay. Mostly topics for five paragraphs essays are based on subjects that do not require very long comprehensive kind of essay. The topics for five paragraphs essays are meant for short essays. The topics for five paragraphs essays can however be doctored to suit any other kind of academic essay writing.
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Five paragraph essay samples usually have three main parts all which play a very important role in the essay. Each of these parts has some basic rules that have to be followed.
  • The introduction
The introductory paragraph normally comes first after the title page. It normally presents the reader with a brief overview of what to expect within the essay. At this point, you are not expected to be too wordy. Every major point should just be listed and not delved into so much. You will also be expected to include a thesis statement here. This is the premise upon which the whole of your essay will revolve around. Make the introduction as interesting as possible so as to encourage the reader to read further than this point. When most people want to gauge the relevance of an academic essay to their needs, they peruse through the introduction. Therefore, this is a very important part of your essay.
  •  The body
The body in this kind of essay writing is normally made up of three paragraphs. You have to be very good at summarizing your minor points and merging them into the three key points. The first paragraph will hold your most important point in the discussion. Since this is a short essay it is important that you apply the most excellent writing skills to be articulate as possible.
  •  The conclusion
The conclusion is the final part of the essay. It normally has a summary of the major parts discussed in the essay. You can also decide to include your personal take on the matter at this point. An essay that ends without a conclusion is incomplete. 

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