Friday, 12 October 2012

Examples of Five Paragraph Essays

Examples of five paragraph essays are very effective in helping people learn how to write compositions. Examples of five paragraph essays are normally picked from different fields of study. Examples of five paragraph essays provide practical way of learning essay writing other than learning theoretically through tips. Apart from providing examples of five paragraph essays on the internet, professional academic writers also provide other academic writing help.
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Thousands of students access the internet everyday to try and get sample five paragraphs essays. Sample five paragraphs essays help very many beginners as they are learning the basic concepts of writing academic essays. The sample five paragraphs essays have several similar characteristics. Some of the basic rules that apply to all sample five paragraphs essays include:
  • They all have an introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph as the name suggests introduces the reader to the essay, it gives them a gist of what the essay is all about. Mostly here, the writer will mention in passing the major highlights of the essay. When writing such an essay it is wise to avoid being too wordy.
  • These kinds of essays are normally short. So there is no need to pre-empt the points you are going to discuss in the subsequent chapters.
  • The thesis statement is normally found within the introductory paragraph. This way the reader already knows what direction the discussion is headed towards.
  • The body then follows up after the introductory paragraph. In five paragraph essays, the body is divided into three paragraphs. Each paragraph will be discussing a major point in your essay. The first paragraph inn your body should contain your strongest point of discussion. The last paragraph will have your weakest point of discussion. Each paragraph should discuss only one point at a time. Putting more than one point into the same paragraph will distort the flow of the essay and make the reader assume you are referring to one point. Every paragraph should begin with a transitional word so that there is an excellent flow in your essay.
  •   Finally there is the last paragraph that is the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion hints to the reader that your essay is coming to an end. This is why when you end an essay without a conclusion it appears incomplete. The conclusion paragraph will contain the main points of your essay again. However, these should be paraphrased and not copy pasted as they appeared earlier. 

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